a/massfagA project concerning massive faggots a3 years
alguien/codigo_presentableSe ordenaa en carpetas alguien3 years
b/massfagA project concerning massive faggots b3 years
calher/authorednansyxlu.onion.This is the less personal part of Yst's onion website, with Esperanto translatio...calher3 years
cathugger/dirserver[no description]cathugger4 weeks
cathugger/lol-cgit[no description]cathugger15 months
cathugger/mkp224ovanity address generator for tor onion v3 (ed25519) hidden services cathugger3 months
cathugger/nekochan[no description]cathugger34 hours
cockmaster/fndox[no description]cockmaster14 months
dark/arch-pkgsarchlinux packages for my personal usedark2 months
dark/mpvipc[no description]dark8 weeks
darting/dartpassWeb version of GoPass app used by Dalas Area Rapid Transit / The T / The TRE / D...darting3 years
efruit/statorsmall, self-contained status page appefruit11 months
faye/irc-scriptsfaye3 years
fuckcloudflare/cloudflare-torA list of websites that are behind the great cloudwall. See http://j7652k4sod2az...fuckcloudflare2 years
iper4497/virusiper44973 years
leite/dragonfly_mozjpeg leite2 years
leite/osmdiffdiff daemon for osm leite2 years
leite/thesmophorosgreenhouse webadmin and livestream using raspberry pi leite2 years
lemon/alpine-remixalpine live iso remix lemon3 years
lemon/pkgbuildCollection of CRUX build packages lemon3 years
lemon/sbfrsbfr: scripted browsing for research. collection of scripts for automated browsi...lemon3 years
lol-md5/irc2htmlconverts irc color codes to html lol-md519 months
madx/TruthKnownTruth IrC BoT madx3 years
milesgg/ButtermilkCSSA small CSS file that had unrealized dreams of being a full framework. milesgg3 years
milesgg/CrashAnythingScripts to crash any system in any language. milesgg3 years
milesgg/ ported to the server. milesgg3 years
milesgg/portfoliomilesgg3 years
milesgg/scriptsMy personal scripts for automating things milesgg3 years
minipost/harware_libreEste es un hard para la documentacion publica de hardware i sus problemas minipost3 years
pensar/backup-nubepensar21 months
pipe/OshiUploadAnonymous file sharing engine - oshi.atpipe3 months
pipe/ngfishngFish - Hexchat OTR encryption plugin using Twofish in CBC modepipe3 months
raiz/Prot2812IRC libraryraiz12 months
raiz/RINIDRinid Integrated Non-Interactive Debuggerraiz11 months
raiz/RainData serialization format libraryraiz12 months
topaz/EvilPythonThis is the Evil Python bot, it sends links & you can insert keywords to receive...topaz2 years
topaz/GottoIRC-ClientFeel free to use my client, yet it's rather ghetto, hence "GottoIRC" Also due to...topaz3 years
topaz/hashfixer topaz3 years
wickedx/Mirai_IoT_Botnet_MirrorA mirror of the Mirai IoT Botnet which has been causing havoc lately and seen on...wickedx3 years
wickedx/Python-Tools_UtilsA repository of python scripts that I can use when making tools or other general...wickedx3 years
wickedx/XpectoA OSINT tool inspired by Maltego. Supposed to be free without limitations as wel...wickedx23 months
wowaname/CoC-watchlist[no description]wowaname11 months
wowaname/OG-IRCdOriginal Gangsta IRCd (unmaintained) based off ngIRCd wowaname3 years
wowaname/achlysA powerful no-fluff multiprotocol commandline chat client wowaname9 months
wowaname/aportsAlpine aports mirror with local commitswowaname4 months
wowaname/ascii-artASCII and ANSI artwowaname19 months
wowaname/aslage/sex/location wowaname3 years
wowaname/assholeascii irc botwowaname3 years
wowaname/daxMirror of a Github repositorywowaname13 months