wowaname/aportsAlpine aports mirror with local commitswowaname7 months
wowaname/ascii-artASCII and ANSI artwowaname22 months
wowaname/aslage/sex/location wowaname4 years
wowaname/assholeascii irc botwowaname3 years
wowaname/daxMirror of a Github repositorywowaname16 months
wowaname/dotfiles[no description]wowaname7 weeks
wowaname/i2pd[no description]wowaname
wowaname/ifupdown2Utility suite for sane, persistent iproute2 configurationwowaname7 months
wowaname/neptuneWeeChat 1.6 fork with additional features and fixeswowaname2 years
wowaname/og-ircd[no description]wowaname3 months
wowaname/pixturePixture Minetest subgamewowaname19 months
wowaname/quarkSuckless quark httpdwowaname2 months
wowaname/question2answerQuestion2Answer for use mainly with Hidden Answers wowaname19 months
wowaname/ratbox-deadratfork of ircd-ratboxwowaname3 years
wowaname/resdbanonet resdbwowaname3 weeks
wowaname/stst with my config and patches appliedwowaname4 months
wowaname/svdumb IRC services (unmaintained) wowaname4 years
wowaname/sxivSimple X Image Viewerwowaname7 months
wowaname/weechat-etcScripts and configs for WeeChatwowaname20 months
xorpad/3ds-xorpadsxorpad4 years incomplete PHP/MySQL forum that I am working on y.st4 years spider that crawls onion space (incomplete) y.st4 years game to be played on the Web y.st4 years is the less personal part of my onion website. I do prefer to keep the pers...y.st3 years is ironically not well documented. Once their documentation is mor...y.st4 years potentially-working pair of scripts to more-effectively use eschalot y.st4 years onion domain key generator that creates keys for domains consisting of four f...y.st4 years small library of PHP classes, functions, and constants. y.st23 months are just some scripts to test the output of include.d code. y.st4 years code that generates my main website. Feel free to pull request or report iss...y.st21 months
z/dotfilespersonal dotfiles z3 years
z/lispThis repo is just for any lisp programs, notes etc. Mainly to track my progress ...z4 years