Volatile Git is a code hosting platform that uses the Git, cgit, and gitolite technologies to provide a free-speech platform for code projects.

To access this site, you may use, git.volatile.i2p, or volagitvnzf3o56b.onion. Both HTTP-pull and SSH-push access should be available on all of these.

To create an account, for now you'll have to E-mail me at wowaname at and include a public SSH key that you will use to log in.

Use ssh to list SSH commands. To create a new repo, simply git init && git commit -a && git push

I have removed empty repositories and user accounts with no repositories. If you want your username back, you can E-mail me to set up a new account. If you want your repository back, simply create it using the steps above.

Private repositories are now available. The naming is different: if your repo was username/repository it is now hidden/username/repository.

Volatile Git no longer supports mirroring; all mirror repositories have been removed.

I am not liable for content from other users hosted on Volatile Git. I make no guarantees about the availability of the service. While I do generally allow public use of this service, I reserve the authority to remove any content. Generally, if you stay within the bounds of the law, and you respect the shared server resources, I will not disturb your content.

I do offer flagging repositories as private, but keep in mind I can still see these repositories as an administrator. If you want a truly private repository, consider hosting your own Git server. It's easier than it may sound.