alguien/codigo_presentableSe ordenaa en carpetas alguien3 years
b/massfagA project concerning massive faggots b3 years
bumbuliukas/kanaa simple web page for practicing kanabumbuliukas3 months
bumbuliukas/uguNude anime girls flying around while background music is playingbumbuliukas3 days
calher/authorednansyxlu.onion.This is the less personal part of Yst's onion website, with Esperanto translatio...calher4 years
darting/dartpassWeb version of GoPass app used by Dalas Area Rapid Transit / The T / The TRE / D...darting3 years
fuckcloudflare/cloudflare-torA list of websites that are behind the great cloudwall. See http://j7652k4sod2az...fuckcloudflare3 years
leite/thesmophorosgreenhouse webadmin and livestream using raspberry pi leite2 years
lemon/pkgbuildCollection of CRUX build packages lemon3 years
lemon/sbfrsbfr: scripted browsing for research. collection of scripts for automated browsi...lemon3 years
madx/TruthKnownTruth IrC BoT madx3 years
milesgg/ButtermilkCSSA small CSS file that had unrealized dreams of being a full framework. milesgg3 years
milesgg/ ported to the server. milesgg3 years
minipost/harware_libreEste es un hard para la documentacion publica de hardware i sus problemas minipost3 years
pensar/backup-nubepensar2 years
pipe/ngfishngFish - Hexchat OTR encryption plugin using Twofish in CBC modepipe6 months
raiz/Prot2812IRC libraryraiz14 months
raiz/RINIDRinid Integrated Non-Interactive Debuggerraiz14 months
raiz/RainData serialization format libraryraiz14 months
topaz/EvilPythonThis is the Evil Python bot, it sends links & you can insert keywords to receive...topaz3 years
topaz/GottoIRC-ClientFeel free to use my client, yet it's rather ghetto, hence "GottoIRC" Also due to...topaz3 years
wickedx/Mirai_IoT_Botnet_MirrorA mirror of the Mirai IoT Botnet which has been causing havoc lately and seen on...wickedx3 years
wickedx/XpectoA OSINT tool inspired by Maltego. Supposed to be free without limitations as wel...wickedx2 years
wowaname/OG-IRCdOriginal Gangsta IRCd (unmaintained) based off ngIRCd wowaname4 years
wowaname/assholeascii irc botwowaname3 years
wowaname/daxMirror of a Github repositorywowaname16 months
wowaname/pixturePixture Minetest subgamewowaname19 months
wowaname/ratbox-deadratfork of ircd-ratboxwowaname3 years
wowaname/resdbanonet resdbwowaname3 weeks
wowaname/svdumb IRC services (unmaintained) wowaname4 years game to be played on the Web y.st4 years is the less personal part of my onion website. I do prefer to keep the pers...y.st3 years is ironically not well documented. Once their documentation is mor...y.st4 years small library of PHP classes, functions, and constants. y.st22 months are just some scripts to test the output of include.d code. y.st4 years code that generates my main website. Feel free to pull request or report iss...y.st21 months
z/lispThis repo is just for any lisp programs, notes etc. Mainly to track my progress ...z4 years