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masterMaybe I should at least see if my code compilesEFR14 months
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2018-09-11Maybe I should at least see if my code compilesHEADmasterEFR
2018-09-11Add example configEFR
2018-09-11Add fields to cacheGroup to identify incidents responsible for the overall st...EFR
2018-09-07License under MITEFR
2017-11-22nice fucking job committing the new incident template, efrEFR
2017-11-21Consolidate public.incident and admin.incident into one unified incident temp...EFR
2017-11-21Fix login redirect when query parameters are involvedEFR
2017-11-21Move 'new incident' link into the main group listingEFR
2017-11-21Change admin comment success message to redirect to the incident/comment inst...EFR
2017-11-21Make markdown handling a bit more saneEFR