I have finished most of the migration from Gitea to cgit/gitolite. More details here.

If you have not already done so, associate an SSH public key with your account by contacting me at wowaname at volatile.bz. Your password will no longer be used to push repositories.

wowaname/OG-IRCdOriginal Gangsta IRCd (unmaintained) based off ngIRCd wowaname2 years
wowaname/achlysA powerful no-fluff multiprotocol commandline chat client wowaname3 days
wowaname/ascii-artASCII and ANSI artwowaname2 months
wowaname/aslage/sex/location wowaname2 years
wowaname/assholeascii irc botwowaname20 months
wowaname/neptuneWeeChat 1.6 fork with additional features and fixeswowaname9 months
wowaname/ratbox-deadratfork of ircd-ratboxwowaname12 months
wowaname/svdumb IRC services (unmaintained) wowaname2 years
wowaname/weechat-etcScripts and configs for WeeChatwowaname9 hours