AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-17doc: remove code sample from Contributingdevelopopal hart
2019-06-07src/client: add utf8 code from linenoise-mobopal hart
2019-06-04build: add (un)install make targetsopal hart
2019-06-04build: fix ./configure bugopal hart
2019-06-04build: add test stubs in Makefileopal hart
2019-01-28src/core, src/client: shuffle *_init() functions aroundopal hart
2019-01-28src/core: parse.c coding styleopal hart
2019-01-28src/core, src/irc: interpreter parsing logicopal hart
2019-01-28configure: fix helpopal hart
2019-01-10src/client: change type of disp.c 'coldark' varopal hart
2018-12-31src/irc: rename irc_cmd_queue to irc_proto_queueopal hart
2018-12-28src/core: remove conf_write & conf_reloadopal hart
2018-12-28src/client: mv conf code to coreopal hart
2018-12-17mv sub.c / sub.h to coreopal hart
2018-12-16src/client: make prompt utf-8 awareopal hart
2018-12-16src/irc: s/interp_bind/&_c/opal hart
2018-12-16src/core, src/client: MSG_PRIVMSG msgtypeopal hart
2018-12-16src/core, src/relayd: make hook_del() saneopal hart
2018-12-16src/core: proper interp_*_c functionsopal hart
2018-12-16src/core: safely iter through hash when freeingopal hart
2018-12-16src/client, src/core: call cleanup routinesopal hart
2018-12-16src/client: make conf.c use hashtableopal hart
2018-12-15src/irc, src/client: memory-related fixesopal hart
2018-12-15src/core: fix array_get() comparison operandopal hart
2018-12-14src/irc: handle JOIN and PRIVMSG protocol eventsopal hart
2018-12-14src/irc: give channels IDsopal hart
2018-12-14src/irc: irc line parsing fixesopal hart
2018-12-14src/core: add str_alloc_c() and other fixesopal hart
2018-12-13build: make dependopal hart
2018-12-13src/irc: irc_write() sets EV_WRITE nowopal hart
2018-12-13src/irc: allow channels to be found by idopal hart
2018-12-13src/core: small fixesopal hart
2018-12-13src/core: allow null callback in event_mod()opal hart
2018-12-10src/core: expose parse_getword()opal hart
2018-12-10src/core: minor parse_tileol() changeopal hart
2018-12-10src/irc: add irc_find() & interp initopal hart
2018-12-10src/core: interpopal hart
2018-12-10src/irc: cmd & protoopal hart
2018-12-10src/client: add sub_free() and fix sub.copal hart
2018-12-10src/client: comments in prompt.copal hart
2018-12-10src/core: hashtable implementationopal hart
2018-12-10build: make dependopal hart
2018-11-18src/core: make interp.c use hashtableopal hart
2018-11-17src/core: fix hash.c logicopal hart
2018-11-17src/core: make hook.c use hashtableopal hart
2018-11-16make dependopal hart
2018-11-16src/client: make sub.c use hashtableopal hart
2018-11-16src/core: hashtable implementationopal hart
2018-11-16gitignore: untrack config.hopal hart
2018-11-16src/client: clean up disp.copal hart